What might be the scientific reasons why menstrual cup odors go away when exposed to air or the sun for several hours?

topic posted Sat, July 16, 2011 - 10:15 PM by  Anh
I use my menstrual cup, and left it in for 15 hours. Even after I washed it with water and soap several times, it still had a very stubborn, lingering smell. So I gave up and left it in my satin pouch (I did not close the draw string so the bag was opened so it could be exposed to plenty of air). After 8 hours, I came back and smell the cup. It was odorless! Do you know the scientific to why the odor disappears after being exposed to air for several hours?

Also, some girls told me that to remove the odor from their menstrual cup, they've put in direct sun light (on a window sill or something similar). I haven't tried this before because there is no sunlight in my bathroom , and I do not live alone (don't wanna scare anyone!) Do you know what might be the scientific reasons for the sun and/or air to be effective in removing odors from menstrual cups?
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